Most loft conversions in London can be done as there is a lots of Victorian property.

Victorian property in London is mainly terraced which is ideal for a loft conversion. The roofs have good steep pitches which are ideal for head height and therefore perfect for loft conversions. There are many simple requirements for a conversion; the most important being the head height in the loft.

Most Loft conversion specialists cannot convert a loft unless the existing head height in the loft is at least 2.4m. Touchstone Lofts can convert your loft even if the existing height in the loft is 1.9M.

If there are any water tanks in the existing loft, these can be easily removed and an alternative and better plumbing solution can be fitted.

In some cases a ridge extension maybe the best solution, which is when the ridge, the highest part of your roof can be raised. This will require planning permission and some specialist advice. Touchstone Lofts design team can take care of all matters for you.