Touchstone lofts are the leading London loft conversion company that specialises in low ridge height loft conversions.

We have converted lofts where we started with a ridge height of just 1.9m. Most loft conversion companies will not consider a loft conversion unless a height of 2.4m is present.

The usual solution is a lowering of the ceilings in your first floor or even raising the ridge height. In certain circumstances lowering the ceilings may not be an option and some councils do allow ridge extensions. All options will be considered and we will do our level best to find the right solution for you.

We have completed many loft conversions with low ridges and have many customers who you can talk to regarding this work.

As a company we have come across too many loft companies who have simply raised the ridge and left the customer facing demands from the council to remove the loft conversion. Low ridge height loft conversions need to be done within the requirements of the local planning department.